Tabacon Hot Springs and Arenal VolcanoTabacon Hot Springs and Lodge

The Tabacon Lodge was the most expensive place we stayed during the entire trip, but it was worth it. Right next to the lodge is the Tabacon Hot Springs Resort.

The Tabacon Hot Springs Resort is emaculate. At the foot of the Arenal Volcano, it consists of a volcanic hot spring merged with a cold water spring in a plethora of streams and pools of various temperatures. Around the hot springs are beautiful tropical gardens. There are also four bars to keep you cool.

About 20 years ago, a lava flow came within 500 yards of the hot springs, but people around here didn't seem concerned with any sort of volcanic hazard.

All of the rooms in the Tabacon lodge face the volcano. We spent all day Thursday at the hot springs and stayed at the lodge Thursday night. That night, the volcano did not disappoint us. Every few hours we would hear a boom and would rush to the window to witness the streaks of red. Late that night, there was a low cloud over the top of the volcano that reflected a red glow.

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