Pasatiempo Time

Staying at Hotel Pasatiempo was like experiencing a different culture. The longer we stayed there, the more the concept of time began to fade. We woke up when we felt like it. Usually a pool volleyball game would start up in the late morning. Sometimes we would hit the Yucca Bar where Ron and Linda served up bloody marys. Most afternoons included time for a siesta.

Ron and Carolina serving Hot ShotsThings livened up in the evenings at the Yucca Bar. A couple times, Ron served up "Hot Shots" on the house. A Hot Shot is like a traditional tequila shot, except tabasco is used in place of salt, and the chaser is tomato juice instead of a lime. The bartender, Carolina, made excellent Margueritas. The food at the Yucca Bar was also excellent.

Besides Ron, Linda, and Carolina, the other main character at Hotel Pasatiempo was a German Shepard named Max.

LindaWe met a guy named Andy from Colorado who was staying at Pasatiempo for the fifth or sixth time.Max

Also staying there at the time were a couple of surfers named Pat and Mike. Pat comes from Rhode Island and just graduated from college. As a graduation present, his uncle Mike from Maryland took him surfing to Costa Rica. Apparently, this area is well known for good surf.

Pat and MikeWhen we arrived in Costa Rica, we weren't sure whether we would rent a car or rely on public transportation. After checking things out for a few days, we decided that renting a sport utility vehicle was the way to go. The roads in Costa Rica, especially in the mountains, are known to be very rough and full of potholes.

Pat and Mike were driving back to San Jose, so on Tuesday the 6th, we decided to hitch a ride with them and rent a vehicle in San Jose for the remainder of our trip.

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